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With 40 years of experience, our attorney will help guide you through a challenging time in your life.

How We Can Help

Your Experienced Lawyer And Dedicated Advocate

Advocating For Clients in Gilmer County And Throughout North Georgia

Dealing with the legal system can be emotional, confusing and overwhelming, and finding the right lawyer is not always easy. You need someone who has the experience to handle your case effectively, but you also want someone who will advocate for you. Simply put, you want your attorney to treat you like a person, not a file number.

Pamela Thomas Jones, P.C., has helped individuals find that perfect balance since 1999. Our attorney has 40 years of legal experience in a broad range of matters. Located in East Ellijay, we provide representation in Gilmer County and throughout north Georgia.

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Bigger Is Not Always Better

People frequently come to us frustrated with the cold, impersonal approach of larger law firms while still feeling confused about the process and their cases.

Was Your Claim For Disability Benefits Denied?

We can represent you in your appeal.

Do You Need Help Making Plans For Your Estate Or Administering The Probate Process?

We help clients plan for the future and administer loved ones’ estates.

Do You Have Other Legal needs?

We provide a range of general legal services.

Accessible To You – Committed To Your Case

As a local law firm, we are able to remain accessible to you and committed to your case. This means our attorney will:

  • Meet with you face-to-face
  • Answer your questions personally
  • Handle all aspects of your case
  • Explain the law and your options
  • Develop a detailed strategy
  • Pursue your goals with fervor
  • Aggressively protect your interests

Contact us at 706-389-9454 to learn more. We welcome your call whether you are looking for an attorney or are already a client of ours.